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 Please call us with any questions & email us to customize your DMV services.

Documents Required:

The ownership document

(one of the following signed off and/or re-assigned correctly) :

   ~ Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (MCO) OR

   ~ Manufacturer Statement of Origin (MSO) OR

   ~ Original Title

Completed Alaska Application for Title and Registration (Form V1) signed by the registered owner.

~ If the customer is in the military, stationed outside Alaska, a current copy of their Leave and Earning Statement (LES) 

showing "State Taxes: AK" and the top part of page 2 needs to be filled out and Military Exemption marked.

 Copy of their Alaska Drivers License.  If they do not have an Alaska driver's license they will have to provide proof of residency with an official  piece of mail in their name to their Alaska address ie: Utility bill, MOA property tax, etc

ODOMETER Statement

Power of Attorney (if applicable)

** We ask that you please include a Prepaid return envelope for all mail-ins**

You can calculate the state fee's here: or e-mail us with the year, make and city it is being registered to in order to receive a quote.

For Military stationed outside of Alaska and there is a lien the total is $175.00 or no lien $160.00



OPTIONAL: $55 Expedite Service

(in addition to the standard mail in fee)

Puts your documents as priority over other daily work and guarantees your paperwork will processed within 24 ~72 hours of us receiving it.  Please write on the outside of the envelope "EXPEDITE" to ensure your envelope gets handled right away.  You will need to provide a prepaid return envelope so you can track your documents.

$45 Mail-in Agency Fee

We are a DMV partner all agency fees are in addition to the standard DMV fees.


Make check payable to: Alaska Auto Titles

Mail the completed documents and payment to:  


Alaska Auto Titles

3408 Arctic Blvd.

Anchorage, AK   99503

Once the transaction is complete, all documents will be sent back to the dealership in the envelope provided.  If no return envelope is provided we will send the plates and registration to the registered owner's mailing address and the title to the lien holder (if applicable) via standard USPS. Instructions from the dealership need to specify where the documents should be mailed.

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